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Celebrating 50 years

2015 marks ISCA’s 50th year.  ISCA aims to Be Bold and Fearless in our 50th year, celebrating the profession of school counseling throughout 2015, with the culmination of events at our Annual ISCA Conference. What does this mean?

  • Bold is all around us. It is the spirit of our profession.
  • Bold is an attitude. It is courageous and powerful.
  • Bold is how rich history meets progressive thinking.
  • Bold is about creating opportunities and conditions for our students and colleagues to thrive.
  • Bold encourages collaboration and fosters our creative, energetic spirit.
  • Bold develops and embraces innovative ideas. Bold enhances the lives of our students.
  • Bold is skilled, open-minded, optimistic and hardworking counselors creating an environment for success.
  • Bold is the vision to become a statewide community, not by size, but through culture, imagination, and innovation. Bold will give us a place in the conversation surrounding the future of education in Iowa.

Professional Name Change

Have you checked the language on your professional license? We are now School Counselors. What does this mean? Click here to learn more about this exciting change.

Evaluation Supplement for School Counselors

Start using this tool today and check out the supporting instructional videos providing an overview for counselors and administrators, as well as examination of Standards 1-8. Click Here.

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Stay current on the latest news and events for Professional School Counselors.

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The mission of the Iowa School Counselor Association is to advance the academic, career and emotional/social development of all students through excellence in professional school counseling.

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