Resources for Iowa School Counselors

The following documents, tools and links are provided as helpful resources for Iowa's counseling community. If you know of a resource that you find helpful, and it's not listed here, please submit the recommendation to our board and we will review it and add it to the list of resources.

Click a topic or link below to review that section of our Resources.


      Responding to 13 Reasons Why

      School mental health project of UCLA
          A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center
              Tools for promoting healthy relationships and positive discipline
                  Practical, research-based strategies to reduce bullying
                      Keeping children safe, strengthening families

                        Prioritizing your mental health at work


                            Professional development, publications, research and advocacy for professional school counselors
                            Programs, products and services essential to the way educators learn, teach and lead
                            Providing oversight, supervision and support for the state education system

                            College Planning


                            • ACT News You Can Use
                              Subscribe to e-newsletter that provides short articles to inform students and parents about college and career planning
                            • I Have a Plan Iowa
                              Education, post-secondary and career planning for Iowa students
                            • Iowa College Access Network (ICAN)
                              • Free information, materials, resources and support to help Iowa students at all levels reach their career and educational goals
                              • Career Assessment & Advising
                              • College & Financial Aid Planning
                              • FAFSA Completion
                              • Student/Parent Newsletter
                              • Counselor/Educator Newsletter
                            • IPTV Careers Link



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