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2023 ISCA Scholarship Winner

Jonah Lee
Interstate 35 High School

I decided to apply for this scholarship just to brag about my counselor. I was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana and because of my family’s religion I was homeschooled until my freshman year of high school with an outdated, frankly primitive curriculum. In 2020 my family moved to Iowa due to my dad’s job and I was put in public school missing credits and with no social skills. It was a massive change and like any normal kid would be, I was terrified. One of the reasons I am still here and the person I am today is because of my school’s counselor Ms. Angela Steinlage. She reached out to me, worked with me to recover credits, and helped me whenever I needed. She is always there to listen to you and make you feel important. It isn’t just during school hours either; in 2021, me, a southern boy who has never seen snow, was driving at night down an icy road and lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle rolled and ended up upside down in a ditch. I was lucky to make it out unharmed. Ms. Steinlage’s family found me and spent time helping me get out of the ditch and make it back home. She is one of those outstanding, nice people who makes your day better by just being around her. In the future when I think back on my high school years she’ll be one of the first people that come to mind.

Congratulations to Jonah!

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