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ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series

The Iowa School Counselor Association (ISCA) and the Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) provides comprehensive training for Iowa school counselors on a variety of topics throughout the year.

Have a topic suggestion for a future webinar - email bmorey@icansucceed.org.

Upcoming Webinars

ASCA Model Series: ASCA Model 101

Presented by Sarah Majoros – VP Elementary and RAMP winner

January 24, 2018 at  4:15 pm 

Register Today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7226967170849265923 

Need a refresher on the components of the ASCA National Model? During this webinar on the ASCA model, we will discuss the components of the model and consider steps to implementation.

ASCA Model Series: A Look at RAMP in Iowa
Presented by Sue Schrader – Clinton High School Counselor and Amanda DeWulf – Maquoketa High School Counselor – RAMP winners

February 07, 2018 at 1:30 pm 

Register Today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8149426640334831618 

Sue Schrader and Amanda DeWulf share their experiences with ASCA Model implementation and the RAMP application process. Throughout this presentation they will provide advice on how to work through the challenges of the ASCA Model, and the steps to develop a complete RAMP application. 

ASCA Model Series: Data

Presented by Candy Reed – Retired School Counselor and RAMP winner

February 12, 2018 at 10:30 am

Register Today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5117223159961020419 

A big part of the ASCA Model process is data collection. In this final piece of the ASCA Model Series, we will look at daily, yearly, and whole program data collection per the ASCA Model. We will also talk about how to pull it all together for your RAMP application. 

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Completed Webinars

The following webinars are available for viewing, just click the title:

ISCA/ICAN Webinar Sereis: ISCA's Legislative Priorities - How to be Prepared for the 2018 Legislative Session

Please join the Capital Group Lobbyists and ISCA Advocacy Committee members to discuss and prepare for the upcoming Iowa legislative session. Legislators need to hear from school counselors! The upcoming session will include bills that we need to share our expertise and give input and ideas. We will discuss how to effectively communicate and send a powerful message and make it count! Visit https://www.smore.com/ve81c to review our priorities before the Webinar.

PowerPoint Download

Character Is Our Superpower 

Imagine a school culture so warm and welcoming that your superheroes are soaring to success emotionally and socially, setting the stage for academic success to naturally follow. Cape up and fly on in to this webinar for interactive ideas and engaging strategies for bringing the Six Pillars of Character to life to help our learners unleash their passion and power within. Are you ready to add a new energy to your character building? Then this supercharged session is for you.

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MAP: Free Online Career Information System for Iowa School Districts

Iowa State University took it upon itself to design and build My Academic Plan (MAP), an online system that allows Iowa's school districts to satisfy the state's career and academic planning mandates at no cost.

Geared toward students in middle and high school, MAP walks students through a progression of steps to help them:
• Explore their own interests, values, and skills
• Identify a career which closely matches those interests, values, and skills
• Plan their high school courses based on the career path they're most interested in
• Receive an early indication of their college/career readiness
• Identify a program of study which best prepares them for their selected career path
• Identify those colleges or training programs which offer their chosen program of study

Meeting Minutes with a Tech Twist

Minute Meetings are a quick way to check in with every student in your building. In this webinar, we'll talk about how to design Minute Meetings, and how Google Forms can be used as a tool for organizing the data from them. We'll also look at the data from Minute Meetings and talk about ways that it could be used in your school counseling program.

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Helping Students and Parents with that Nasty FSA ID  

Have you had students and parents have problems with the Federal Student Aid ID? It can be frustrating and stressful. Problems with the FSA ID can create problems in the whole financial aid process. ICAN Student Success Advisor Steve Irvin will review the FSA ID and give some tips in trouble shooting problems with it.

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FSA ID Help Sheet

Counselor Resources and Recommendations by Level

Each level Vice President shares their roles and responsibilities in each of their districts, as well as their favorite go-to resources.

Your Life Iowa: The Future of Youth Interaction with Crisis Services in Iowa

Crisis services in the past decade have undergone a technological change to better reach at-risk populations. Learn how the state of Iowa is implementing bullying and suicide prevention crisis services specifically geared towards youth and how those youth have interacted with those services so far.

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Stepping Outside the Counseling Box and Making a Difference!

School counselors deal with many sorts of issues and personalities. Ruts and boxes can confine people from changing. In this webinar, Kris Meyer reflects on the strategies of the creative counseling theorists Carl Whitaker and Virginia Satir. She will hopefully inspire courage to try unique approaches to situations that will better motivate students and families to change.

Positive Psychology in Schools

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” John Lennon

Positive psychology has been increasingly gaining attention of researchers and mental health practitioners. The concepts and strategies of positive psychology has just been started to be implemented in education. Educational implications of positive psychology positions well-being of students at the center focusing on not only academic achievement but also constructing a good, meaningful and a happy life.  The purpose of this presentation is to share main positive psychology concepts and interventions that can be useful for school counselors. Participants will learn research results as well as practical strategies and interventions from positive psychology to use in their school counseling programs to promote well-being of students. Positive psychology provides a holistic, strength based, optimistic framework to mental health and counseling and focuses on focuses on individuals’ innate capacity to solve their problems through contributing to others. We will strategies and interventions that can be used by school counselors to promote well being. We will explore specific concepts and models and corresponding interventions such as happiness and well-being, optimism, hope, positive emotions, gratitude and many others. The concepts and interventions will help school counselors to promote happiness and rejuvenate mind, body, heart and soul.

ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: RAMP Process: Becoming a Recognized ASCA Model Program

This webinar will provide an overview of the RAMP process, including the why, when, and how. Join us to discuss why RAMP can be an important advocacy tool, the timeline for this process and receive an overview of the components and scoring of RAMP. We will also review useful resources to help guide the development of your application.

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ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: FAFSA Season is Almost Here - Prior Prior in Action

Join members of the Iowa College Access Network's team of financial aid experts as we go through a final round of review on the changes to financial aid right before FAFSA season kicks off on October 1. If you still have questions about Prior-Prior or what this new timeline means for your students, join us. We'll go over all the details and then open it up for your question.

ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: Three Steps to Building a College-Going Culture in Your School

College Application Campaign, FAFSA Completion Initiative and College Decision Day! This webinar will give a brief overview of each program and review best practices from previous years and high school participants. Participants will leave the webinar with techniques to implement the 3-Step Process in their high schools.


ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: Simple Steps for Students' Mental Health

This webinar will discuss mental health from the perspective of students’ developing brain. It will provide an overview of how the brain evolves and how counselors and teachers can use this understanding to promote student’s mental health. It will offer simple activities that can be used to improve communication, diffuse conflict, and reduce anxiety.


Prior-Prior Year: Financial Aid Changes You Need to Know

Throw away the financial aid calendar as you know it, because everything is about to change. Last fall big changes were announced regarding the financial aid process, effectively changing the entire timeline of the college planning process. So what is Prior-Prior Year and how does it impact a counselor's role in college planning? ICAN will review these changes and provide guidance on what this change means, and what it doesn't mean, for counselors, students, parents, and the entire college going process.

We will also cover how these changes will impact ICAN services and the upcoming timeline for scheduling programs for the 2016-17 school year

Click here to download the PowerPoint.

Resources for Leveraging the Counselor-Principal Relationship to Impact College & Career Readiness

This webinar is designed for counselor and administrator teams, but either one can still participate on your own. We will address the Why, What, and How of College and Career Readiness Programming K-12 by sharing several resources and tools you can use together in order to best leverage your counselor-principal relationship to guide programming decisions for College and Career Readiness as it relates to your unique school and students.

Click here to access the Dropbox folder of handouts

Advocacy, Advocacy, and More Advocacy!

Join members of the ISCA Advocacy Committee in sharing practical and helpful advocacy ideas. Tips to celebrate national School Counseling Week as well as how to incorporate advocacy into your comprehensive school counseling program. Of course, we will also present important "to dos" for legislative advocacy.

Iowa's Intermediary Network

Iowa’s Intermediary Network partners are connecting today’s students and teachers to tomorrow’s careers. Erin Swancutt of Cedar Valley Career Connections-Hawkeye Community College and Laurie Worden of Workplace Learning Connection-Kirkwood Community College will share information on the exciting growth of the intermediary network partners throughout the state of Iowa, explain the programs their intermediaries offer, how participants can connect to their regional resources and invite questions from the participants. Download the PowerPoint.

Navigating Mental Health Issues as a School Counselor

This session will:
Review the School Counselor's professional and ethical obligation in assisting students/families with mental health concerns
Provide descriptions and warning signs of common mental health issues
Discuss suicidal risk and conducting assessments
Discuss resources

Organizing and Collaborating in the World of Google

Do you constantly get invites for Google docs but then can’t find them when you want them? How do you organize your documents so that you can find them and use them when you want to? In this one hour session, we will go over the basics of Google drive and help you to organize your important items.

Stepping Up for School Counselor Advocacy: How to Implement Advocacy in Your Program Every Day!

Advocacy is one of the four ASCA themes that school counselors need to demonstrate. Sometimes we overlook the things we do on a daily basis that can be used for the purpose of sharing our program and letting people know what we do and the difference we make. Join us to learn ways to advocate on a daily basis that make an impact.

Resources for New Counselors - 2015

Each level Vice President shares their roles and responsibilities in each of their districts, as well as their favorite go-to resources.

Implementing a Growth Mindset Culture in Your School

By now most of us have at least heard of the growth mindset, the idea that success is based on hard work, persistence, and openness to trying something new. But how do you convince an entire school to adopt these principles without doing individual or group counseling with all of them?

Referencing Carol Dweck's book Self-Theories and Mindset, as well as Mary Cay Ricci's Mindsets in the Classrom, this webinar will explore how to teach the growth mindset to large groups of students, how to get teachers on board, and how to develop a common language based on accurate beliefs about intelligence, learning, and academic success.

Iowa SCENE - A New Forum for Networking with Iowa School Counselors

Looking for a way to network with other school counseling professionals around Iowa? Searching for information to support your school counseling needs? Iowa SCENE, a new forum for Iowa School Counselors, utilizes the ASCA SCENE and will provide a way for Iowa school counseling professionals to ask questions, receive information, and share documents specific to our state school counseling curriculum and needs. This webinar provides an introduction to Iowa SCENE, background on the ASCA SCENE, how to gain access, create and account and best tips on utilizing the site.

Stepping Up for School Counselor Advocacy: Simple and Impactful Ways to Make a Difference

ISCA is very excited to have our very own lobbyists this year. However, we have a lot of work to do in our advocacy efforts for our association. Hiring the lobbyist group was the first step in making sure our voice will be heard at the Capitol. Now, we all need to step up! This Webinar will share information and ideas on the different levels of advocacy. We will specifically be sharing information and ideas for National School Counseling Week which is February 2-6 and Visit the Hill Day on February 25th!
Please join us! We hope to have record attendance at Visit the Hill Day! Even if you can't attend Day on the Hill, this Webinar will give you ideas and suggestions on how to advocate and make a different for our students!!

How Twitter Can Help You in School Counseling!

Social media is obviously huge today, and Twitter can help you in connecting with students, parents and other school counselors. This Webinar will cover the basics of Twitter, using hashtags, and how you can take advantage of Twitter connecting with school counselors from all over the country.

Webinar - Managing the Aftermath of the BMI Measurements in Schools

Has the use of BMI measurements caused harm to the health of our youth? Is there a better way to measure the health of youth? Learn how your school can manage the shame, stigma, disordered eating, and eating disorders that have become part of the aftermath of BMI report cards.

Webinar - Paper No More! Using Livebinders!

School counselors are often resource finders and keepers. Livebinders is an electronic three ring binder without the paper and the binder. It is a free technology that allows school counselors to find and share resources electronically with other counselors. It is easy and convenient to use and available to you anywhere you have Internet access.

New Counselor Resource Video

ISCA board Vice Presidents representing K-12, secondary, middle and elementary professional school counselors discuss the resources that have made their programs successful and offer tips to new counselors just starting out.

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