School Counselor Advocacy

ISCA maintains a vigorous program of government relations and advocacy for the school counseling profession in Iowa. The association believes that students benefit when counselors successfuly advocate on state and federal legislative issues related to students and school counseling.

Advocacy is a key component to being an effective school counselor. Not only is it critical for school counselors to serve as advocates for their students, it is also important that school counselors advocate for their own profession.

Check out these things you can do to get involved this legislative session.

Legislative Updates

Download a guide to the Iowa Legislature - PDF

January 19, 2015 - Update

Contact Your Legislators today on these important issues. To find out who your senators and representatives are please check out the Find Your Legislator page of the Iowa Legislature website.  

Visit the Hill

One of the ways ISCA talks to legislators is by visiting the Iowa Capitol each year. Learn about Visit the Hill 2015. The goals of this annual event are to:

  1. Learn about state government issues that concern educators working with students in the transition process,
  2. Hear from affected students, counseling educators and state legislators about solutions to the decline in qualified guidance counselors,
  3. Hear from affected students, financial aid and educational professionals about funding issues students face in paying for post-secondary education – financial aid, funding for higher education institutions,
  4. Lobby your legislator for the legislation and resources we need to provide a successful transition to higher education for all of Iowa’s students

Advocacy Webinar

On January 28 a Webinar on School Counselor Advocacy was held.

Listen to the recorded webinar.

Top 10 Levels of Advocacy

1. Student advocacy

  • How are students different because of your comprehensive school counseling program? Use your data! 

2. Parent advocacy

  • Most parents have an outdated idea of what we do! Parent communication by email, blogs and websites!

3. Administrator advocacy

  • Most administrators do not have an understanding of the school counselor role! One of the best things a counselor can do is to meet regularly and consistently with their administrators. It is not about “show and tell” but an opportunity to gain insight and understanding of each other’s role in helping all students achieve.

4. School/District advocacy

  • Get on leadership committees and PATT meeting agendas. Get involved and take any opportunity to share what you do. Present at school board meetings once a year!

5. Community advocacy

  • Work with businesses and organizations. Everyone wants school counselors to help them communicate with students.

6. Attend Vist the Hill Day 

  • Become informed about legislative issues. Share stories with legislators at forums. Invite them to your meetings.  Get to know your local representatives and let them get to know you! 

7. State association advocacy

  • Join professional organizations and get involved!!

8. Federal advocacy

  • ASCA-Get involved.

9. Iowa Department of Education

  • We have so much going on right now with school reform issues in Iowa. Be informed. Let your opinion be heard. Use social media. TWEET!

10. Advocate for yourself!

  • Focus on results of your program
  • View accountability as a necessity
  • Exhibit high energy and energize others
  • Execute by consistently turning vision into desired results

Get Invovled

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Advocacy, please go to this link:
ISCA Advocacy Committee Feedback

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