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The Iowa School Counselor, Spring Issue 2016, is now available.

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Iowa School Counselor is the ISCA Newsletter and is part of a partnership with ASCA. Through this partnership, ISCA is able to bring its members timely and informative content on issues and topics that pertain to Iowa counselors everyday.

Iowa School Counselor, Spring 2016: Diversity of School: Supporting All Students

Read the Spring 2016 issue of Iowa School Counselor:


President's Message: Times of Change
ISCA Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Candy Reed

A Network for Newcomers
School counselors have many tools to assist newcomer immigrant and refugee students and families; includes list of resource links.

The Duty to Address Personal Bias
Our professional mission is to advocate for all students, not just those with whom our personal values agree.

Cultivate Respect
Experts say it's never too early to begin teaching children about respecting differences, including LGBTQ issues.
Living Up to Expectations
Gifted and talented students face high expectations but low tolerance for failure, and pressure from themselves. School counselors can help.
The Secret of Manufacturing

When a school counselor visited manufacturers in his town, the careers were far from the rumored terrible drudgery.
Dreams into Plans
Focus on college and careers in elementary school to help students along their path.
College and Career Awareness Week
How one high school boosts excitement and builds a college- and career-focused culture.

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