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In this issue:


Ethics Questions Asked and Answered
Three experts answer frequent legal and ethical questions to help guide you in your daily work.


The STEPS Model for School Settings

This 9-step model provides a process for coming to the best possible decision in challenging ethical situations.


Raising Red Flags in Data Collection

When proving that school counselors matter, don’t lose sight of student privacy, parental consent, and other important issues.


Reinforce Your Ethics Knowledge

Use these resources to deepen your understanding of the ethics issues you may face as a school counselor.


Congratulations to the Semi-Finalists for 2014 School Counselor of the Year

**Bonus Section: College Prep for Counselors**


Personality-Major Match and College Success

Choosing a major and a college are life-changing decisions, and can have a major impact on students’ college success.

College Admissions in a Nutshell

If you’re a new high school counselor or in a new school and helping students with college admissions, here are some basics about the process.

The Legal and Ethical Complications in Letters of Recommendation

How can you handle letters for weak or problem students, and should you include confidential student information or notify admissions offices of changes?

Counselor Education from the College Board


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