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The Iowa School Counselor, Winter Issue 2016, is now available.

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Iowa School Counselor is the ISCA Newsletter and is part of a partnership with ASCA. Through this partnership, ISCA is able to bring its members timely and informative content on issues and topics that pertain to Iowa counselors everyday.

Iowa School Counselor, Winter 2016: Violence in Students’ Lives: School Counselors’ Protective Role

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President's Message: Our Bold and Vital Role

2015 ISCA Award Winners

New High School Feedback Reports

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When Domestic Violence, Children and Schools Collide
Learn how to prepare for situations related to domestic violence, and understand effective interventions.

Teens and Dating Violence
What to watch for and steps to take when working with teens who are experiencing dating violence.

K-12 Students with Incarcerated Parents
When children face stigma, shame, and isolation, school counselors can help end the cycle of imprisonment and achieve academic success.

Breaking the Silence around Sibling Abuse
Learn steps to address this common issue that often goes undetected and causes grave harm to its victims.

Student Threat Assessment
Know the three essential steps to prepare your school for threat assessment.

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