Janice Kuhl2012 Lifetime Achievement Award - Janice Kuhl

Nominated by Careyanne Wood

Professional Experience: (1972-present)

High School counselor, Westside High School, Omaha

High School counselor, Wahlert High School, Dubuque

Elementary School Counselor, Dexter Elementary, Dexter

School Counseling Consultant, AEA 11, Ankeny

K-12 School Counseling and Grant Facilitator for Des Moines Public Schools

Iowa Department of Education School Counseling Supervisor

Impact on School Counseling:

Leadership to create and implement the Iowa School Counseling Leadership Summit and the Iowa School Counseling Transformational Design Team.

Led efforts to reinstate school counseling programs in the Iowa code

Drafted state administrative rules and designed a new framework for Iowa school counseling programs based on the ASCA national model

Through partnering with School Administrators of Iowa developed four state trainings for K-12 administrators and counselors with goal of maximizing the principal-counselor relationship to increase student achievement.

Wrote and was awarded federal grants totaling over $3,200,000.

Testified before a U.S. Senate committee on the impact of school counselors on violence prevention. The Elementary Counseling Demonstration Grant passed immediately!

Is a visionary leader for the school counseling profession

“Jan is a lifelong learner, a model of how an employee of a state department of education should lead

and a tireless voice for those kids who often end up not having one in our current system and

structure. She … knows how to engage and empower large groups of professionals to

accomplish rigorous goals.” (Troyce Fisher, Iowa Leadership Academy Co-director)

“Jan’s professional achievements spanning her impressive life-long career have been driven by her

passion for all children. This, in turn, has resulted in thousands of children having opportunities

to themselves achieve during their lifetimes.” (Careyanne Wood, school counselor)

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