Suzanne Schrader
Clinton High School, Clinton Community School District

Suzanne Schrader has been an Iowa school counselor for 13 years and has worked at Clinton High School for the past 20 years. Suzanne, along with her counseling team at Clinton, were the first in Iowa to be recognized as a RAMP School. Clinton High School has since received Re-RAMP Certification two times and is currently working towards a third. Suzanne’s advocacy for school counseling throughout the years has been impressive serving on many boards throughout the state.

Through the collaboration of colleges, Suzanne and Clinton High School initiated a program know as CHARGE (Clinton High School Active Response to Graduating Everyone), a program aimed at providing intentional school counseling services to at-risk students. As a result of this program, Clinton saw significant decreases in failure rates for juniors, an increase in daily attendance for juniors and seniors, and an increased number of juniors and seniors on track for graduation. Suzanne also assisted in efforts at Clinton High School that nearly doubled their FAFSA completion rate, as well as help implement a process for students to complete academic smart goals.

With the help of a parent, Suzanne was able to set up a “Royalty Room” that allows high school students to get personal care items. Suzanne described the Royalty Room in her application: “The Royalty Room aims to provide students in need with school supplies, canned goods, and personal toiletry items as well as clothing. All students need to do is approach a teacher, counselor, or administrator and let them know that they are in need and the student can go “shop” at the Royalty Room, allowing the students to maintain their dignity and get the resources they need.

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