Vice President - Counselor Education

Dr. Renea Ogren - Vice President for Counselor Education

After receiving my Master's in Educational Psychology and Counseling from University of South Dakota, I began my 28 years as a school counselor. I served 11 years at Remsen-Union CSD and 17 years at MMC CSD. Since the mid 1990's I have served as a PSC adjunct instructor for Buena Vista University, Morningside, and Wayne State. After retiring from MMC, I have continued full-time counselor instruction at BVU. I've taught skills, orientation, ethics, human development, leadership and advocacy, and practicum and capstone projects. I have maintained membership in ASCA, ISCA, and IAACC. I received Counselor of the Year for IAACC twice and 2017 Adjunct Instructor of the Year for BVU. I have enjoyed presenting at ISCA Conference several times and served as Government Chair for several years. I have graciously enjoyed being a board member of ICAN and the UNI Counselor Advisory Board.

Renea Ogren

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