Vice President - Counselor Education

Dr. Kris Meyer - Vice President for Counselor Education

The day after our school counselor resigned, I met our assistant principal in the lobby. He had been a counselor before and I asked him if he was going to apply for the open school counseling position. He replied, “No, I thought you would.” That moment changed my life.  I suppose I had the thought of school counseling lurking in the recesses of my mind while I worked within the school system, but suddenly I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what I was put on this earth to do.

Now many years and two degrees later, I have left working directly with those little children to now work at instilling the passion for the profession in the hearts of school counselors-to-be. I think about it as each class that I teach begins. I believe that our job is to love and advocate for the children and the parents in our care.

I live in Waverly, IA and teach as a counselor educator in the Master's Program for School Counseling at Buena Vista University. I have had the honor of learning to know and teach wonderfully dedicated students who will and have entered into the hallways of the schools of Iowa to be the school counselor, advocate for those trying to face the challenges of life and academic issues.

I received an A.A. degree from Waldorf College, a B.S. in Elementary Education and an M.S. in School Counseling from Buena Vista University and a Ph.D. from Iowa State University. For 15 years I was a part of the Forest City Community Schools, as substitute teacher, TAG teacher, and finally elementary school counselor.

Every semester I assign my students the task of articulating their “philosophy of counseling in a breath.” As a storyteller, my philosophy of counseling is attached to one of my favorite stories which I will tell you upon request:), but it guides me in all that I do in this field where touching lives is paramount: “I am a bridge builder.”

At the Wartburg College Distinguished Alumni ceremony several weeks ago, I heard a recipient charge the audience with something that should be on our lips as we head out the door to school everyday: “Love your people.” 

Dr. Kris Meyer, Vice President for Counselor Education

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