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Board Appointed Positions

The ISCA Board involves both elected and appointed positions. Committee chairs are appointed by the Executive Board using an application and interview process. 

Open Appointed Positions

The ISCA board is now accepting applications for open appointed positions. Applications will be accepted through Friday, April 3. Terms for appointed positions will begin July 1, 2020.

Newsletter Chair - Apply

The Newsletter Chair is responsible for coordinating with ASCA to produce articles and publish the ISCA newsletter. The chair also provides content or recruits writers of articles, provides direction to the president for the President’s letter and coordinates with the management team to provide a membership list to ASCA for newsletter distribution. The Newsletter Chair is appointed by the Executive Committee for a three-year term.

Membership Chair - Apply

The Membership Chair’s primary responsibilities include promoting, recruiting, and retaining ISCA membership through various activities supported by the association. The Membership Chair is appointed by the Executive Committee for a three-year term.

Open Elected Position for Appointment

Currently ISCA has one elected positions open with remaining time on the current term. 

Vice President - Counselor Educator - Apply

The VP Counselor Educator works with the other Board VP’s to advance professional development opportunities for Iowa school counselors by identifying areas of interest, planning, making contacts, and /or presenting topics for webinars and the annual ISCA conference. The VP Counselor Educator also provides/updates resources and/or links related to school counseling for the ISCA website and social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). In addition, the VP Counselor Educator takes an active role in the ISCA Committee for Student Counselors and maintains relationships with counselor educators in the state.

Application Process

Contact President Sheryl Cline if you are interested in filling an open position.

Download an application:

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