I remember the first time I walked into Mrs. Denholm's office. I was just a sophomore entering Cedar Falls High School, with what seemed like the world on my shoulders. I remember her inviting me in with a huge smile on her face. As she motioned for me to sit down, I remember feeling like crying right there in front of her. My future was absolute chaos in my mind and I knew she was going to ask me that question. The question that you fear from the moment you realize that you have to grow up someday. When she asked me, "What do you want to do after you graduate?", I immediately panicked. I began spilling out my anxious sophomore heart with Mrs. Denholm and she just listened. My jumbled nonsense of college, nursing, scholarships, GPA, and ACT all came out in one huge tidal wave. Then, with practiced hands, she began weaving all my questions of uncertainty into a beautiful plan that I have followed to nearly the end of my high school career. Mrs. Denholm gave me calm in the midst of my hurricane of anxiety and uncertainty. Every time I had one feeling of doubt, all I needed to do was send one email. Mrs. Denholm has been there for me every step of the way. She is more than what I ever thought a counselor would be. She is caring, determined, selfless, and a woman that I am proud to call my friend.

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