Iowa Youth Survey (IYS) district and non-public school reports are available from the 2014 survey.  In addition, trend reports were released last week!  These reports contain a new section, graphing 25 individual questions over time.  Please work with your Principal, Superintendent, and team to utilize your data as you best see fit.  Here are directions on how to access your reports:

  • Identify the person in the district who has access to the "Download-DE to District" button on the Iowa Education Portal
  • Have this person login to the Iowa Education Portal (
  • Under EdInfo, click on "Download - DE to District

If you encounter any problems with this, please follow these directions, as received from the DOE:

1.      Log in to the Portal.

2.      Under the EDInfo Menu, They can find "Download-DE District" Application" menu.

3.      If you do not have the application already assigned to them, they can request access for the "Download-DE-District" application through the portal.

If this doesn't work, please e-mail the DOE Portal helpdesk at  Someone will then follow up with you and help get things squared away. 
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