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Spring 2018 Issue

President's Message:  ABC's for Families

Visit the Hill
School counselors, college admissions professionals, students and advocates headed to the capitol on February 20 to learn about issues and make their voices heard by their legislators.

Solution-Focused Parent Conferences
Parent conferences can become reporting and complaining sessions for what is going wrong with a student. But applying the principles and techniques of solution-focused brief counseling empowers parents to become allies and shifts focus from problems to goals. 

What Works: How We Engage Families
What techniques do your fellow counselors use to build crucial bridges to families? What challenges do they face in these efforts? From elementary, middle and high schools, and from urban to rural communities, counselors share their approaches.

Pulling in Parents: Changes that Work
Starting with the belief that parents want to be actively involved in their children’s education, then assessing families’ needs led to major growth in parent program participation at Arco’s school. She shares insights about their programs and changes. 

Foster Success
Foster children often struggle due to past traumas, but school counselors can bring them closer to academic, career and social/emotional success. Learn seven steps to help you serve as a social justice advocate for these students in your school. 

Students in Need and the Courts

How do FERPA laws affect foster students’ records, and how can school counselors be prepared? What are the right of homeless children to enroll and remain in school, and how can school counselors stay informed to best assist these very vulnerable students? 

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