Dr. John L. Thompson Award for Excellence in School Counseling

This award was designed to recognize school counselors who have developed exemplary programs to help students grow in academic and life skills. John was dedicated to the profession of school counseling on many levels. From 1962-1970, he was an Iowa school counselor. From 1971-1972, he worked in the Financial Aid Office at Iowa State University. From 1972-1997, he was the Director of School Counseling at Heartland AEA. John was also an active member of ISCA for many years. He was influential in securing the mandate that all elementary schools in Iowa have a school counselor.

Award Information

Applicantions for 2016 awards will open in summer 2016.  All nominees must be a member of ISCA.

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Contact Troy Bergmann with questions regarding the application and/or nomination process.
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