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Government Relations

ISCA maintains a vigorous program of government relations. The association believes that students benefit when counselors successfuly advocate on state and federal legislative issues related to students and school counseling.

ISCA Government Relations Committee Feedback

Visit the Hill

One of the ways ISCA talks to legislators is by visiting the Iowa Capitol each year. Learn about Visit the Hill 2014. The goals of this annual event are to:

  1. learn about state government issues that concern educators working with students in the transition process,
  2. hear from affected students, counseling educators and state legislators about solutions to the decline in qualified guidance counselors,
  3. hear from affected students, financial aid and educational professionals about funding issues students face in paying for post-secondary education – financial aid, funding for higher education institutions,
  4. lobby your legislator for the legislation and resources we need to provide a successful transition to higher education for all of Iowa’s students

Counselor Funding History

Before 1995, school counselors were funded as a mandate in the school funding formula like all other mandated services.

In 1995, the Iowa Legislataure removed school counselors from the mandated services that students were to receive. Iowa schools were still required to provide a guidance program; however, they were not mandated to employ a school counselor.

Although counselors were no longer mandated, the provision for school counselor funding was left in the school funding formula. Schools could then use that money in whatever manner they chose.

Around 2005, the requirement for school counselors was put back into the code. There was funding, because it never left the formula.

Lobbying your legislator

If you would like to become more of an advocate but can't leave work to attend Visit the Hill, there are still effective ways to lobby your legislator. Check out this useful guide: How to Lobby: A Citizens Guide.

What's happening in the General Assembly

Learn the current status of bills currently making their way through the legislative process by visiting the Iowa General Assembly home page.


Follow legislative committees, learn about their membership, track bills they are working on at the committee home page.

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