Welcome to ISCA!
Mike Danielson

My name is Mike Danilson and I am the ISCA Vice-President for Middle School Counselors.  I am very excited to be part of the ISCA Board and help our organization continue to grow!  I earned my Master’s degree in counselor education from Iowa State University and am the Middle School Counselor for Gilbert Community Schools.

My role on the ISCA board is to serve as a resource for issues/topics concerning middle school counselors and represent middle school counselor interests in ISCA board decisions.  I also help identify, contact, plan, and/or present topics for our webinars and annual conference.  I invite you to contact me and let me know how I can better help you as a school counselor.

We, as school counselors, need a strong and vibrant professional organization, especially in this time of education reform.  School counselors are uniquely positioned in our districts to help our students graduate ready for college and/or future careers.  I believe a strong ISCA can help the school counseling profession stay relevant in education.  The strength of ISCA, however, does not depend solely on the members of the board.  A strong and vibrant organization depends upon a strong and vibrant membership base. 

As ISCA members, it is important that we all share our time and talents with other school counselors.  We should ask for, and then participate in, relevant professional development.  We should advocate for our organization and expect our organization advocate for us.  These were the reasons that I ran for my position on the ISCA board.  I encourage you to seek out ways to volunteer your time to help us make ISCA become the organization we need and deserve.

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