ISCA By-Laws

Iowa School Counselor Association By-Laws

Article I - Name and Purposes

Article II - Membership

Article III - Officers of the Association

Article IV - Governing Board

Article V - Executive Committee

Article VI - Meetings of the Membership

Article VII - Business Affairs of the Association

Article VIII - Committees

Article IX - Adoption and Amendment of By-Laws

Article X - Rules of Order

Article IX - Indemnification

Approval Process

Every three years ASCA requires the submission of the ISCA By-Laws for their review.  Amendments to the By-Laws can be made at this time or at any other time as the needs arises.  All amendments to the By-Laws must be voted on and approved by the membership. Amendments must be presented to the membership in written form at least 30 days prior to voting which occurs at the General Membership Meeting during the annual conference.


The last formal review of the ISCA By-Laws by ASCA was in 2013. ASCA offered several suggestions and an amended version of the ISCA By-Laws was drafted in accordance with these suggestions. The amended By-Laws were approved by the membership at the General Membership Meeting at the 2014 ISCA Conference.


The next full review of the ISCA By-Laws by ASCA will occur in 2016.
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