ISCA Governing Board

The Iowa School Counselor Association Governing Board consists of 24 individuals who serve as Presidents, level Vice-Presidents, Committee Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, and Ad-Hoc positions from partner organizations.

Elected Positions

Each president is elected to a four-year term, spending one year in each Presidential position, beginning with President Elect-Elect. Vice-Presidents are elected to a three-year term.

Aimee Hospodarsky
Monticello Elem. School
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Term Ends: June 2019

President Elect

Sheryl Cline
Linn Mar High School
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Term Ends: June 2019

President Elect- Elect

Cory Graven
Center Point-Urbana Middle School
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Term Ends: June 2019

Vice-President - Elementary
Brandon Drew
West Elementary School
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Term Ends: June 2021

Vice-President - Middle School
Amber Urbain
Prairie Point Middle
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Term Ends: June 2020
Vice-President - Secondary
Meri Edel
Marshalltown High School
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Term Ends: June 2019

Vice President - K-12
Shelby Bryce
Lone Tree Community Schools
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Term Ends: June 2020
Vice-President - Counselor Education
Dr. Renea Ogren
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Term Ends: June 2021
Vice-President - Counselor Coordinator/Director
Amy Abler
Des Moines Public Schools
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Term Ends: June 2019


Appointed Positions

Jaclyn Lussenhop
Springville Community Schools
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Natalie Wilson
Gilbert Middle School
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Advocacy Chair
Melissa Murphy
Springville High School
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Membership Chair
Sandy Thomson
Charles City Schools
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Awards Chair
Troy Bergmann
Liberty High School
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Newsletter Chair
Kelli Johnson
Starry Elementary
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School Counseling Student Chair

Sarah Elm
Graduate Student - University of Northern Iowa
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Ad-Hoc Positions

AEA Ad-Hoc
Sue Schirmer
Professional Learning &
Leadership Consultant
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Iowa College Access Network
Brittania Morey
Director of Communications
Contact Brittania
Cindy Swanson
Teaching & Learning Specialist
Contact Cindy
Career & College Readiness
Casey McMurray
School Counselor
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ISCA Administrator

Contact ISCA
Phone: 515-282-8192

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