Letter from the ISCA President

August 26, 2016

Dear ISCA Members,

Have you ever wondered what goes on “Behind the Scenes” in planning our ISCA Conference? Planning an ISCA conference begins more than a year in advance. Over the course of board meetings, conference calls, and planning sessions, the conference committee reviews survey results from previous conferences, discusses emerging ideas and topics in the field, and brings national ideas home from ASCA to share with Iowa school counselors. As effective school counselors we look at data as a guiding force for the committee, helping to determine where our membership finds value and what members want to learn more about at this year’s conference.

Throughout the planning process our guiding philosophy and vision is to provide the highest quality content and opportunities for our members, while remaining good stewards of our organization and continuing to build a strong foundation for the organization’s future. This week we announced the 2016 conference keynotes, Rosalind Wiseman and Dr. Kris Meyer, which are examples of the quality content we are proud to offer.

As to the organization's continuing strength, I can say proudly that ISCA has seen tremendous growth in the last few years and is a beacon to other state organizations in terms of membership and success. The board’s steadfast determination over these growing years has brought our conference to a new venue and our membership numbers to new heights. However, with these successes there have been growing pains, some that have just now come to light.

The ISCA Board has always been proud to offer an outstanding conference while keeping the cost at a minimum for our attendees. However, our conference data shows that with our growth we are no longer adequately covering conference costs. As board members we take the trust and responsibilities given to us by the members very seriously.

In order to continue offering the high quality content that has now become a staple of our conference, this year when you register for conference you will see an increase in registration costs. As a board, we must be responsible in making decisions for our organization that will allow us to continue to grow in a sustainable and responsible way. It is our wish to be completely transparent throughout our growth and changes, and our hope is that through this transparency our members gain a greater understanding of how much thought and energy goes into each conference, and see that every decision is made with our mission and our members at the core.

As always, we love to hear from our members! I encourage you to contact any of our board members or myself if you have questions or concerns. I also encourage you to think about getting involved in ISCA as a committee member or as a member in an upcoming election. There are always opportunities available. Check out the ISCA website and watch for upcoming news for the 2016 conference. You’re already an agent of change in your district, and I look forward to welcoming you all to “Mission Possible: Agents of Change” this November. See you in Altoona November 7.

Laurel Klaassen
ISCA President
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